venerdì 24 giugno 2011

100 Ice Cream Flavors

Gelateria in via Trau  that (as the name implies) offers 100 flavors (and seen some change and / or are added) of ice cream. They range from savory flavors (Wasabi, Taleggio cheese and honey balsamic vinegar, Pesto kind, etc. those spirits (beer ceres Cashews, Orange Cream and Grand Marnier, Pear and almond port) to specialties like the turkish pistachio and cinnamon queen. There is no shortage of course the classic tastes. The choice takes time around the giant bar. The ice cream is well made, the only flaw is that there are no seats. .

MM Nearest Station : MM3 Zara

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9 commenti:

  1. mmm i want to try authentic Gelato. i have never had it but heard it is amazing from family members!

  2. Very interesting blog!
    Check mine out!

  3. yes! i love cafes/food outlets like this, it looks so cute!

  4. makes me want some ice cream!

  5. Honey Balsamic Vinegar ice cream? That sounds so odd I'd have to try it :P

  6. Those are some crazy flavors, but I'd be down to try them all! :)